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The Manufacturer and Exporter of Tool Bags

Hardy Tool LLC is US based company situated in New Jersey. It is the Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Tool Bags & other customized Tool bags in Leather/Polyester/Cloth/Canvas. Our Client range is spread across the world. We have been exporting our Tool Bags to many stores across the world. Our production capacity is around 50 thousand pieces of Tool Bags per month. Being a direct manufacturing unit. We can give more competitive prices than others including China.

HardyTool.com has its own Tannery in India.

Hardy Tool LLC has the world's leading Leather Tannery and specializes in manufacturing of high quality leather for Tool Bags, Automotive, Furniture Upholstery, Safety and Lifestyle Footwear, Bags, Belts, Sporting Goods and Equestrian Equipment.

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Yellow Suede Leather

Oil Tanned Leather

VT Leather

Top Grain Leather

Nubuck Grain Leather

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Tetron Tool Belt

Waxed Canvas

Benefit of Tool Belts

If you are reading this, chances are you are in a need of a best tool belt for all your tool work. Field work requires the use of a lot of tools and this is where tool belts come in. Tool Belts are most needed by those field workers who do a lot of handy work in an industry or a construction site. The main purpose of tool belts is to keep all the useful tools easily accessible in situations where they are needed as soon as possible. Tool belts save a lot of hassle and time for workers, by saving the short trips to their workstation or table to grab a hammer or other tools and putting them at an arms distance.

There are various types of tool belts available in the market. These tool belts come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and what size and shape to choose, depends on what kind of task you are about to perform. Searching randomly for your tool belts online can be very confusing so here is a compiled version of the top tool belts, which you can sort through, to find the best one that would match your needs.

Tool belt is an extremely use commodity, developed with an intention of making overall work in the field a lot easier and to save time and effort. It has various uses and benefits which are mentioned below:

  • « A tool belt is a great way to organize your tools and to keep them in one place, in a neat and organized manner. This saves you from the hassle of storing and trying to organize them in a box or in a drawer which is bound to get unorganized eventually.
  • « A tool belt allow you to work efficiently and harmoniously. With the help of these tool belts, one can quickly reach into it and grab a tool and complete their tasks as soon as possible. The worker can keep working without having a pause in between, to find a particular tool, as they can grab a tool without looking away from their work.
  • « The use of tool belt is to save time. Tool belts save the need of going to the other side of the room to fetch a tool that would cause nterruptions and waste unnecessary time and would cause distractions as well.
  • « Tool belts with lots of pockets allow you to add various sized screws or nails and some are made to add heavier tools like hammer on the right side for easy handling. This makes the overall process of fetching tools super easy and comfortable.
  • « One of the biggest benefits of tool belts is its safety element. Tool belts allow workers to climb ladder more safely by keeping their hands free, allowing them to grip the ladder while climbing, instead of carrying tools.
  • « Tool belts remove the need of hand carrying tools, which is a hassle in itself. Especially small tools and nails, which require good grip to handle.
  • « Tool belts also removed the need to stuff the fasteners etc. in pockets of pants and shirts.
  • « Tool belts also store dangerous tools safely, such as hammer, knife or a cutter, that would otherwise be exposed and could cause any injury. Specific pockets made for nails and sharp objects keep them stored away safely as well, especially from any toddlers around in the work area.
  • « The tool belts come with a primary and a secondary side, which allow you to store most used tools in most easily accessible area and the least commonly used tools on the secondary side.
  • « The tool belts can also be reversed, allowing you to switch the pockets to the rear. Thanks to this, you can now bend over and do tasks more easily and quickly as well.
  • « When used with suspenders, it can save your back as well, from the weight of tools and other stuff workers might need to carry, such as plywood and other kind of heavy lifting.